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Ashgrove Primary School, Ashgrove Road, Newtownabbey
Winners of "Best Primary School" Award We are delighted to be the winner of the Overall Best Primary School Award, 2018!  Well done all the staff, pupils and parents.
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P5 Christmas Class Council Vote

7th Dec 2017

Both P5 classes held a Class Council meeting to vote for one of the  following options.

1.  An end of term small present from their teacher.

2. A class party with food.

3. Money donated to a local children's charity. (instead of being used to buy food for the party or the present).


              P5 Carberry       P5 Luney

Option 1.   1 vote             0 votes

Option 2.   3 votes            1 vote

Option 3.   20 votes         24 votes


What a kind and thoughtful group of P5 children we have!

Now to decide which local charity we will donate our money to. Any ideas???